Dipping Services, Latex Services, PVC Dipping Services in the UK

Dedicated & Driven Engineering

Greenbrook dip a vast array of products on our state-of-the-art dipping machinery.

We are one of the UK's largest manufacturers of latex medical products, but that's not all we can dip, we can dip most requirements, and if it hasn't been done before, then we probably have the solution.

On the completion of an order, we will provide full support including advice on the component and former design, component colour options and initial lab samples prior to production.

A fully operational specialised dipping system can be seen at our factory in Chesterfield producing high quality medical and industrial contract latex components.

Bespoke Dipping Products
Samples - Latex Breather Bags 3DLC - Three Dimensional Latex Cones
Balloons & Specialised Dipping Balloon Formers Dipping Finished Balloon on Balloon Formers/Molds Production factory and Latex Balloon Machine

Greenbrook Dipping is part of Greenbrook Automations

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